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What Are Thermoformed Pickleball Paddles? Best Buyers Guide

I have always been interested in innovation and technology. There are two drivers of all product technology, materials, and manufacturing methods, regardless of the product or industry. We are going to explore thermoforming, a manufacturing technology that is transforming the performance of pickleball paddles.

Thermoforming technology is a newer technology for pickleball paddles. There are several leading manufacturers that have introduced one-piece thermoformed pickleball paddles. These include Vatic, Crbn, and Legacy. Several more are being introduced as well.

There are definite advantages to this material and construction, which we will go into more detail in this post. Paddle technology continues to advance with improvements in materials and manufacturing methods. Let’s learn more…

What Is Thermoforming? Creating Innovative Paddles

Let’s uncover the science behind thermoformed pickleball paddles by first understanding thermoforming itself. Thermoforming is a process where a plastic sheet is heated and molded into shape using a special mold. This technique allows manufacturers to create strong, complex paddles with accuracy and efficiency.

Thermoformed Paddles

The Challenge of Delamination

Every piece of sports equipment has its challenges, and thermoformed pickleball paddles are no exception. One significant issue is delamination, where the layers of the paddle separate. This can happen due to improper bonding of materials during manufacturing, affecting the paddle’s performance and durability.

Thermoformed Pickleball Paddles and Delamination

Thermoformed paddles face a higher risk of delamination due to their unique construction process. Using vitrimers, special materials that blend thermoplastics and thermosets, can introduce defects during thermoforming, weakening the paddle’s layers and leading to delamination.

Advantages of Thermoformed Paddles

Despite the challenges, thermoformed pickleball paddles offer exciting benefits. The T700 carbon fiber unibody paddle is designed as one piece, making it stronger and longerlasting. The honeycomb polypropylene balance core provides a lightweight, shock-absorbing, and energy-efficient paddle.

Foam-Injected Dura-Edges Technology

To boost performance, foam-injected Dura-Edges technology is employed. This involves injecting foam into the paddle’s edges, providing consistent support and control, even on off-center shots. It enlarges the paddle’s “sweet spot,” helping players hit more accurately and consistently.

Overall, these paddles combine science and engineering to elevate the game, offering players powerful and durable equipment for an exciting match on the court.

What Is The Science Behind Thermoformed Paddle Delamination?

Thermoforming’s Role in Paddle Construction

Thermoforming plays a critical role in creating pickleball paddles but also presents challenges that can lead to paddle delamination. The process involves heating a plastic sheet and molding it into shape. It’s crucial to control temperature, pressure, and molding time during thermoforming to avoid defects.

Understanding Vitrimers and Their Impact

Vitrimers are unique materials used in the paddle’s construction, offering glass-like properties and self-healing abilities. They enhance paddle durability by preventing stretching and buckling in the face sheets. Properly controlled thermoforming ensures a strong bond between layers, reducing delamination risk.

Exploring How Thermoformed Materials Affect Durability

The use of vitrimers and thermoforming impacts the paddle’s durability. The paddle’s single-piece construction with T700 carbon fiber makes it stronger and more resilient. The honeycomb polypropylene balance core adds lightweight flexibility and enhances performance.

What Are T700 Carbon Fiber Thermoformed Pickleball Paddles?

unibody paddle construction
Pickleball Science

The Power of a Unibody Design

The T700 carbon fiber unibody paddle stands out with its single-piece construction. Unlike traditional paddles with glued components, the unibody design provides superior strength. It eliminates weak points, reducing the risk of delamination. This results in a more durable and consistent paddle.

Strength and Longevity of T700 Carbon Fiber

The T700 carbon fiber material offers outstanding strength and rigidity, making it ideal for pickleball paddles. Its lightweight and sturdy properties ensure optimal control and precise shots. Unlike other materials, the T700 carbon fiber paddle maintains its performance even after extensive use.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning a T700 carbon fiber paddle is a breeze with a carbon fiber cleaning block. Players can easily remove dirt and debris from the surface by using a circular motion, keeping the paddle in top condition.

Experience the Game-Changing Paddle

Embrace the power of the T700 carbon fiber unibody paddle and elevate your pickleball game to new heights. Its cutting-edge design and performance-enhancing features will help you achieve your best on the court.

What Is The Innovation Of Honeycomb Polypropylene Balance Core?

honeycomb core
Pickleball Science

Advantages of the Honeycomb Core

The honeycomb polypropylene balance core is an innovation that boosts paddle performance. Its honeycomb pattern perfectly balances strength and flexibility, ensuring an even distribution of impact and reducing weak points. This design creates a more durable paddle, ideal for competitive gameplay.

Polypropylene’s Role in the Core

Polypropylene, a strong and lightweight thermoplastic polymer, is an ideal material for the honeycomb balance core. It ensures the paddle can withstand intense use without compromising its structure. The core’s flexibility enhances responsiveness and power, allowing players to make precise shots.

Enhancing Performance and Precision

The honeycomb polypropylene balance core increases the paddle’s sweet spot, providing players with a larger margin for error and better shot accuracy. By dampening vibrations and reducing noise upon ball contact, players can focus on their game and make precise adjustments during play.

What Is Foam Injected Dura-Edges Technology?

The Importance of Paddle Edges

Pickleball paddles’ edges are critical for consistent performance and control. The innovative Foam Injected Dura-Edges technology ensures solid and reliable construction, enhancing overall paddle performance.

High-Quality Foam Injection

Foam injected throughout the paddle’s edges offers uniform distribution and maximum coverage. This high-quality foam is durable, impact-resistant, and absorbs vibrations, providing players with enhanced consistency and control during off-center shots.

Expanding the Sweet Spot

The Foam Injected Dura-Edges technology creates a larger sweet spot, allowing players to hit powerful and accurate shots, even when not hitting the ball dead center. This technology gives players a competitive edge, making the paddle an invaluable asset.

What Are Popular Brands and Models?

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Selkirk’s Amped series are thermoformed paddles. This includes:



Carbon makes three paddles that are thermoformed. These include:



Six Zero


As the sport of pickleball evolves, so does the technology behind pickleball paddles. With their innovative construction, Thermoformed pickleball paddles offer superior strength and performance on the court. Using vitrimers, carbon fiber, honeycomb cores, and foam injection technology adds durability, responsiveness, and precision to these paddles.

Understanding paddle materials and ball dynamics enhances players’ performance and game strategy. By selecting the right paddle material and leveraging the science behind ball trajectory, players can unlock their peak performance and elevate their pickleball experience.

With innovations in paddle technology continuously pushing the boundaries, pickleball enthusiasts can look forward to exciting advancements in the sport and take their game to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the science behind thermoformed pickleball paddles will undoubtedly shape your winning moments on the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thermoforming is a welding & molding process that leads to a unibody solid piece of material. You couldn’t break this paddle if you tried.

No, they are not. Only the head is in one piece. The handle is a separate piece.

I believe they are better. They produce more power, reduce vibration, and give you a larger sweet spot. They also are nearly impossible to break at the handle.

Two other paddles are the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS and the Six Zero Paddles

ben johns hyperion pro
Ben Johns Hyperion CFS
six zero pickleball paddle
Six Zero

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