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Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 Paddle Review

The Joola brand is synonymous with innovation in pickleball paddles. They continue to bring new paddle technology to the game. And Ben Johns is the #1 ranked player the US per the PPA Tour.

They have become known for their paddles that provide raw power and maximum spin through their performance carbon friction surface. The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS pickleball paddle is no exception.

This review looks at the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 pickleball paddle, exploring its specific characteristics, performance attributes, and standout features. Whether you’re an experienced player seeking an edge, or a beginner venturing into the world of pickleball, join us to see if this paddle may fit your game.

ben johns hyperion cfs 16

Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 Quick Overview

Ben Johns Pickleball Paddle

What sets the Hyperion CFS 16 pickleball paddle apart is its Swift Technology. The upgraded materials and unique head curvature create a lighterfaster paddle that increases swing speed. The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS is designed to provide maximum flex, harnessing raw power to generate powerful drives. The Hyperion CFS 16MM paddle is the perfect balance for a well-rounded game.

The Carbon Friction Surface of the Ben Johns Hyperion CFS takes things up a notch, creating a surface providing maximum spin. Say goodbye to flat shots and hello to impressive spin shots that leave your opponents guessing.

The paddle’s Reactive Honeycomb Polymer Core ensures both durability and performance. At the same time, the 16mm thickness provides increased shock absorption, reduces vibrations, and provides enhanced control. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight design, as the Johns Hyperion CFS 16 still delivers a powerful punch upon contact. Weighing in at an average weight of 7.9 ounces, the paddle has less drag than heavier paddles.

The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS injected Hyperfoam Edge wall gives it increased edge performance with a large sweet spot across the paddle width. The unique head curvature creates more power and increases swing speed.

And just like all JOOLA paddles, this pickleball paddle is built to last. It features a durable carbon forged handle and Edge Guard Technology, protecting it from those accidental bumps and scrapes during intense rallies. Plus, the Sure Grip handle provides great sweat absorption even on the hottest days, so you can focus on your game without worrying about slippage.

What Are The Key Features Of The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16?

Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 Stats
  • Surface: Carbon Friction
  • Core: Reactive Honeycomb
  • Core (mm): 16
  • Control: 93
  • Power: 94
  • Spin: 95
  • USAPA Approved: Yes
  • Average Weight: 7.9oz
  • Paddle Length: 16.5in
  • Paddle Width: 7.5in
  • Grip Style: Ridge
  • Grip Length: 5.5in
  • Grip Circumference*: 4.25in
  • *May vary slightly

Ben Johns Pickleball Paddle

The Shape

With its sure-grip elongated handle, this unique aero curve design and paddle length give you excellent coverage and a great feel on the court. Plus, it allows you to achieve some epic spin and control.

The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS pickleball paddle has an elongated shape that measures 16.5 inches in length. The aero curve, Pro proven in match after match, makes shots easier to return, giving you some serious advantage. That means amazing reach at the kitchen. I am not tall, and the shape of this pickleball paddle definitely improved my shot return and shot-kill ratios.

It has a consistent edge guard that is highly durable. The Hyperion CFS 16 paddle edge guard has outlasted several of my ONIX and Wilson paddles.


The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS, with its Carbon Flex5 textured surface, provides excellent power capabilities vs. other power paddles. Its carbon surface balances both power and spin and gives you great control.

I have noticed a difference with this pickleball paddle. My power game is still a work in progress, but I can hold my own on the court with the Hyperion CFS 16 paddle; my power shots and drives have really improved.


It has a performance carbon friction surface paddle face, which gives it great spin capabilities. This was noticeable both on serves and drives. Coupled with its enhanced grip, it really made a difference in my game.


The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS is a lighter pickleball paddle at an average of 7.9 ounces. This results in less drag.

It gives you great power and speed at the net and with intense volleys. You do not sacrifice anything with this pickleball paddle.


The Ben Johns Hyperion CFS is made from premium raw carbon fiber. This means the face of the pickleball paddle is very resistant to deformation, making it durable and solid.


The paddle has a Reactive Honeycomb core with Hyperfoam Edge wall-to-wall, ensuring a consistent feel no matter where you make contact. It gives you great maneuverability and provides good control and shot placement.

Sweet Spot

The Hyperion CFS 16 pickleball paddle plays like it has an extended sweet spot due to the Hyperfoam injected into the perimeter of the paddle. Very forgiving and responsive.

It was much better than the Selkirk Power Air, which felt dead at the end of the paddle.


The Hyperion CFS 16 paddle has a sure grip elongated handle. It is a carbon-forged handle that adds stability throughout the entire paddle. This gave it a good feel when swinging and was very stable throughout. The grip circumference also fits a larger hand.

The handle length is also great for those two-handed backhands.

If you are looking for aggressive, offensive play, this is the paddle for you. It is the perfect balance between power, spin, and speed.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Extended handle give great control
  • Delivers great power and spin at a light weight


  • Long term durability of the handle
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

New Technologies:

  • New materials: Paddles are now being made from a variety of new materials, including raw carbon fiber, fiberglass, and honeycomb cores. These materials offer several advantages over traditional wood and plastic paddles, including increased durability, power, spin, and control. Toray t700 carbon fiber is the next-gen material.
  • New shapes: Paddles are now available in various shapes, including oval, teardrop, and round. The paddle’s shape can affect how the ball bounces off it, so players can choose a shape that suits their playing style.
  • New grips: Paddles are now available with a variety of grips, including standard, oversized, and ergonomic grips and handle length. The grip can affect how the player feels the ball, so players can choose a grip that suits their hand size and playing style.

Yes, about 4 inches

The 14mm has a swing weight that is very similiar to an elongated paddle. This makes it feel a lot quicker in your hand.

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