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Rugged Road Cooler: 5 Ways It’s Crushing The Competition

Why care about the Rugged Road Cooler? When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, there’s nothing that beats a high-quality cooler. It keeps our drinks cold, our food fresh, and makes our outdoor experiences all the more enjoyable.

I am an avid outdoor enthusiast. We hike, boat, play sports, cycle, and more. Coolers are an integral part of our lives. We have had many over the years. Having a great cooler is a must. The number one thing for us has been, ‘can it keep things cold for a long time on really hot days?’

In this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Rugged Road Cooler, a product that’s setting new standards in the cooler market. We’ll examine its features, performance, and value and see just how well it stands up against the competition.

What Is the Rugged Road Cooler?

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Quick Look at Rugged Road Cooler

Rugged Road Cooler is a high-capacity, ultra-lightweight cooler that’s been designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. With a capacity of 65 quarts, it can hold up to 70 pounds of ice or 64 cans. That’s around 2.7 cases of beer! This makes it perfect for weekend trips, tailgating parties, or long camping expeditions.

What Prompted This Review?

We’ve tested many coolers over the years, but Rugged Road Outdoor Coolers caught our attention due to its unique features. It’s not every day you come across a cooler that weighs under 10 pounds, can hold 65 beers, is virtually indestructible, and floats!

Who Benefits Most From This Cooler?

This Cooler is designed for anyone who needs a reliable and durable cooling solution for their outdoor adventures. Whether you’re planning a tailgating challenge, a weekend picnic, or a multi-day camping trip, this cooler is up to the task. Its impressive capacity can accommodate enough beverages and food to keep a large group happy on a hot summer day.

What Are The Key Features Of The Rugged Road Cooler

1. Its Impressive 65-quart Capacity

One of the standout features of the Rugged Road Cooler is its generous 65-quart capacity. This translates into a whopping 70 pounds of ice or around 64 cans – roughly 2.7 cases of beer. So, this cooler has got you covered whether you want to keep the family fed on a camping trip or the party going with fizzy beverages.

rugged cooler dimensions

2. Almost Indestructible Build Material

rugged road cooler strength

The Rugged Road Cooler boasts a virtually indestructible Rigorite™ construction. This means it can handle the rough and tumble of outdoor adventures without showing any signs of wear and tear. Plus, this ruggedness does not compromise the cooler’s lightweight nature, making it a win-win situation for users.

3. The Cooler That Floats!

Yes, you read that right. The Rugged Road Cooler is designed to float upright, making it your perfect companion for poolside parties or tubing adventures. Its “Get a Grip” non-slip surface ensures it stays put even when things get a bit wet and wild.

4. Versatile Lid with Cup Holders and Cutting Board

rugged road cooler features

To add to its versatility, this cooler comes with a multipurpose, reversible lid. One side features convenient cup holders, and the other side doubles as a cutting board. This thoughtful design means you have one less thing to carry on your outdoor escapades.

5. Uniquely Lightweight

rugged road cooler light weight

Despite its rugged build and large capacity, it weighs in at just 13 lbs for the 65 quart and under 10 lbs for the 45 quart. Can you believe this?! This ultra-lightweight design sets it apart from similar-sized rotomolded coolers, making it easy to carry around wherever your adventures take you.

I’m a 5′ 3″ women and this cooler is a breeze to carry. Compared to the YETI which is so heavy that it’s a bit ridiculous.

What Is Our User Experience?

Setting Up Your Rugged Road Cooler

Setting up the Rugged Road Cooler is as simple as filling it up with ice, loading it up with your favorite food and drinks, and heading out for your adventure. Its large opening ensures easy access to your items, while the secure seal keeps everything cool and fresh.

Ease of Portability and Handling

rugged road cooler ease of handling

Thanks to its lightweight design and handy “Double-Up” Handle System, it is very easy to carry around, even when fully loaded. Its compact dimensions ensure it doesn’t take up too much space, whether you’re packing it in your car or stashing it in your tent.

Real-Life Experiences with the Cooler

We’ve put this cooler through its paces in a variety of real-life scenarios, from football stadiums and neighborhood parties to sweltering tennis matches. Despite the heat and frequent opening and closing, the cooler kept ice for over three days and still had ice-cold water for over four days. Its durability was impressive, too – even after being dropped, stood on, and banged into objects, it didn’t show a single mark.

How Is Its Performance and Efficiency?

Ice Retention Ability in Various Conditions

The Rugged Road excels when it comes to ice retention. In our tests, it managed to keep ice for over three days in 95-degree heat, even with repeated opening and closing. Even after four days, there was still ice-cold water inside, keeping everything nice and cold. This top-tier performance puts it in the top 1% of coolers in terms of ice retention.

Durability and Ruggedness Test Results

As its name suggests, Cooler is built to last. Our testing involved dropping the cooler, standing on it, and banging it into objects, yet it emerged unscathed. When they say it’s rugged, we can back that up 100%.

Usability in Water – Does it Really Float?

Yes, it does!

The Cooler is designed to float upright, making it a great addition to any pool party or tubing adventure. It’s not just a fun feature either – it also means you can use your cooler in water without worrying about it tipping over and losing your items.

How Much Does The Rugged Road Cooler Cost?

Cost of the Rugged Road Cooler

The Rugged Road Cooler is priced at $300 for the 65-can size. While this might seem like a premium price, it’s important to consider the unique features and superior performance that this cooler offers.

Comparing Rugged Road Coolers with Other Brands

In terms of ice retention and durability, the Rugged Road Cooler holds its own against some of the top rotomolded coolers on the market. However, its ultra-lightweight design and floating ability set it apart from the competition. Also, the Rugged Road Cooler offers more room inside for the exact same external dimensions, thanks to its innovative Rigorite™ coating.

comparison table

Assessing Value for Money

Considering its impressive features, top-notch performance, and rugged durability, we’d say that the Rugged Road Cooler offers excellent value for money. It’s an investment that’s sure to enhance your outdoor experiences for many years to come.

Customer Support and Warranty

Contacting Rugged Road – What to Expect

Rugged Road has a reputation for providing excellent customer support. Their responsive team is always ready to assist with any queries or concerns. They can be reached through their website,

Understanding the Product Warranty

While we couldn’t find specific details about the warranty offered by Rugged Road, we recommend contacting their customer support team for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Pros and Cons

Highlighting the Cooler’s Strengths

The Rugged Road Cooler excels in many areas. Its ultra-lightweight design, large capacity, impressive ice retention ability, and floating feature are definite strengths. Other winning features include the virtually indestructible build, versatile lid, and the “Double-Up” Handle System for easy carrying.

Discussing the Cooler’s Shortcomings

Despite its many positives, the Rugged Road Cooler does have a few shortcomings. The main one is the seal – water tends to seep out of the cooler at both hinges in the back and front. This minor flaw, however, does not detract from the overall performance and usability of this cooler.

Suitability for Different Scenarios

Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or simply relaxing by the pool, the Rugged Road Cooler is a reliable choice. Its ruggedness makes it ideal for rough outdoor conditions, while its lightweight design ensures easy portability. The fact that it floats makes it a fun and practical option for water-based activities too.

Alternatives to Rugged Road Cooler

Other Top-Notch Coolers in the Market

While the Rugged Road Cooler is certainly impressive, there are other high-quality coolers in the market as well. Some popular alternatives include the Yeti Tundra and the Pelican Elite coolers. These coolers also boast excellent ice retention, rugged construction, and large capacity.

Feature and Price Comparison

While the Yeti Tundra and RTIC offer similar features to the Rugged Road Cooler, they tend to be heavier and more expensive. Plus, they lack the floating capability of the Rugged Road Cooler. Therefore, if weight, price, and the ability to float are important factors for you, the Rugged Road Cooler could be the better choice.

Recommendations Based on Different Needs

If you’re looking for a cooler that’s lightweight and easy to carry, the Rugged Road Cooler would be our top recommendation. If durability and ice retention are your top priorities, then the Yeti Tundra or Pelican Elite could be worth considering.

Final Verdict

Summarizing the Rugged Road Cooler’s Performance

After extensive testing and review, we’ve found that the Rugged Road Cooler delivers on its promises. It offers excellent ice retention, rugged durability, and unique features like its ability to float. Its lightweight design and large capacity make it highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.

Personal Recommendation and Ideal Usage Situations

We’d highly recommend the Rugged Road Cooler to anyone who needs a reliable cooling solution for their outdoor adventures. Whether you’re planning a tailgating challenge, a weekend picnic, or a multi-day camping trip, this cooler is up to the task.

Is the Rugged Road Cooler Worth Buying?

In our opinion, the Rugged Road Cooler is definitely worth the investment. Its impressive features, top-notch performance, and durable construction make it a standout choice in the cooler market. We believe it offers excellent value for money and is sure to enhance your outdoor experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Rugged Road Cooler float?

Yes, the Rugged Road Cooler is designed to float upright, making it perfect for pool parties or tubing adventures.

How much does the Rugged Road Cooler weigh?

Despite its large capacity and durable construction, the Rugged Road Cooler weighs in at under 10 lbs.

How long does the Rugged Road Cooler keep ice?

The Rugged Road Cooler has an impressive ice retention ability and can keep ice for over 3 days in real-world conditions, even in high temperatures.

Is the Rugged Road Cooler Durable?

Yes, the Rugged Road Cooler is virtually indestructible thanks to its Rigorite™ construction. It can withstand drops, impacts, and rough handling without showing any signs of wear and tear.

How many cans can the Rugged Road Cooler hold?

The Rugged Road Cooler 65 V2 has a capacity of 65 quarts, which translates to approximately 64 cans of 12 oz. each.

Can the Rugged Road Cooler be used as a cutting board?

Yes, the Rugged Road Cooler features a reversible lid that can be used as a cutting board, providing added convenience during outdoor activities.

What is the warranty on the Rugged Road Cooler?

While specific details about the warranty are not mentioned, Rugged Road is known for providing excellent customer support. We recommend contacting their team for more information regarding the warranty.

Can I purchase the Rugged Road Cooler online?

Yes, the Rugged Road Cooler is available for purchase on their official website,

Does the Rugged Road Cooler come in different sizes?

Yes. The Rugged Road Cooler comes in three sizes and a soft cooler option: the Rugged Road 45 V2, the Rugged Road 65 V2, and the Rugged Road 85 V2. The 45 V2 is very popular and even weighs less at only 9 lbs! Priced at $300.

Does the Rugged Road Cooler have cup holders?

Yes, the Rugged Road Cooler features a versatile lid with built-in cup holders, making it convenient for outdoor gatherings and parties.

Tips for Optimizing Your Cooler’s Performance

– Pre-chill your cooler with ice or ice packs before loading it with food and drinks.
– Use block ice instead of crushed ice for better ice retention.
– Keep the cooler in a shaded area to minimize exposure to direct sunlight.
– Limit opening and closing the cooler as much as possible to maintain low temperatures inside.
– Consider using insulated cooler bags or dividers to separate different items and reduce heat transfer.
– Use frozen water bottles or gel packs to supplement the ice and extend its longevity.

Latest Updates and Information on Rugged Road Cooler

For the latest updates, product releases, and news about the Rugged Road Cooler, be sure to visit their official website and follow their social media channels. They often share valuable information.

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