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Vanguard Power Air Invikta: Game-Changing Paddle for Power Players

We have all heard of the Vanguard Power Air Invikta. When playing pickleball, having the right paddle can make all the difference. Today, we will go into the specifics of one of the most sought-after paddles on the market – the Vanguard Power Air Invikta. We’ll look at its unique features, efficiency, and overall performance to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your game.


Overview of the Vanguard Power Air Invikta

Tyson McGuffin

Designed by Selkirk Sports in collaboration with top Pro Tyson McGuffin, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta is a revolutionary piece of equipment in pickleball. Its design and construction are a testament to over two years of research and development. This paddle has introduced new technologies never before seen in any pickleball paddle. Its aim, deliver ultimate power.

This paddle is a game-changer in the world of pickleball. Its revolutionary dynamic throat technology sets it apart from other paddles on the market. 

vanguard power air invikta

Dynamic Throat Technology

Dynamic throat technology is a cutting-edge innovation that improves the power and control of the paddle. The throat area of the paddle is where the handle transitions into the paddle face. This technology optimizes the design of this area to maximize performance.

One of the key benefits of dynamic throat technology is the increased power and control it provides. The design allows for a larger sweet spot on the paddle face, meaning that even off-center hits will still have accuracy and power. This is especially beneficial for power players who rely on aggressive shots to dominate their opponents.

Purpose of the Review

In this review, I will look at the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta, focusing on its key features, build quality, performance, and efficiency. By the end of this review, you should clearly understand what this paddle offers and whether it aligns with your playing style and needs.

Target Player – Intermediate and Advanced Players

The Vanguard Power Air Invikta is particularly suitable for intermediate to advanced players with a developed sense of control and those who value power and spin in their gameplay. It’s also an excellent option for players transitioning from a control-oriented paddle and looking for more power in their shots.

I tried it as an intermediate player and it was a handful. There is definitely a learning curve with this paddle.

Key Features of Vanguard Power Air Invikta

Power Feature

One of the standout features of the Vanguard Power Air is its exceptional power. Powered by Selkirk’s Power Air Technology and QuadFlex 4 Layer Hybrid Face, this paddle provides effortless power with each shot

In addition, the innovative blend of two layers of Fiberflex and two layers of Quantum+ carbon further enhances the power, allowing you to play longer and with more force.

Control Aspect

Despite its power-oriented design, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta doesn’t compromise on control. Its thick core allows for impressive control and precision in both defensive and offensive plays.

However, as with any power paddle, gaining control may require a bit of practice and adjustment, especially for lower-level players.

Comparison between Vanguard Power Air Invikta and Selkirk Labs 003 Paddle

Comparatively, the Vanguard Power Air and 003 paddle differ primarily in power, control balance, and thickness. While both paddles offer power and control, the 003 paddle has a thicker design.

As Selkirk advised, transitioning from 003 to the Power Air takes 1-2 weeks. Still, the change promises more power and improved gameplay.

Build Quality

Materials and Design

The Vanguard Power Air boasts a unique blend of materials contributing to its high performance. It features a first-of-its-kind blend of two layers of Fiberflex and two layers of Quantum+ carbon, offering both power and control.

Its hybrid face and the polymer honeycomb core further enhance durability and performance. The edgeless design and the hole in the throat combine to make it highly maneuverable.

Durability and Longevity

In terms of longevity, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta stands out. With its focus on durability, this paddle promises to withstand extensive use over time. Its edgeless DuraEdge and Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless technology offers superior aerodynamics and contributes significantly to edge durability.


  • Midweight Range: 7.7-8.1 oz
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4″
  • Grip: Selkirk Geo Grip
  • Handle Length: 5 1/4″
  • Paddle Length: 16 1/2″
  • Paddle Width: 7.375″
  • Face: Hybrid Blend of Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber
  • Core material: Polymer Honeycomb
  • Core Thickness: 0.5”
  • Edge Guard: Edgeless DuraEdge
  • Manufacturer: Selkirk Sports
  • Assembled in the USA

Comparison with Other Pickleball Paddles on the Market

Compared to other paddles on the market, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta presents a unique blend of power, control, and durability.

While some pickleball paddles offer high power or control, finding a paddle that balances both, like the Vanguard Power Air Invikta, can be challenging. The unique firm feel, light swing weight, and power and spin ratings near the top of these categories make it stand out among other popular brands.

Performance and Efficiency

vanguard power air invikta with tyson mcguffin

Responsiveness & Power

The Vanguard Power Air Invikta’s responsiveness and power are truly impressive. Despite being a power paddle, the ball doesn’t feel bouncy off the face; instead, it responds remarkably well when you put a bigger swing on it.

This attribute makes the paddle a weapon when attacking and helps when you need to slow down the ball. The paddle falls into the midweight category, weighing around 8 oz, offering a level of power, spin, and speed that is quite unique.

Impact of the Sweet Spot Size

The size of the sweet spot is medium-sized, which may pose a challenge for lower-level players.

However, for advanced players (4.5+), the size of the sweet spot isn’t much of an issue. The Epic variant of the paddle is more forgiving than the Invikta, offering a larger sweet spot.

Real-World Performance Scenarios

In real-world scenarios, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta performs exceptionally well, particularly for players who favor power and spin. Its unique firm feel may take some getting used to, but with consistent practice, it offers remarkable control despite being a power-oriented paddle.

The transition period may vary depending on the player’s skill level, but it’s generally manageable and worthwhile.

Soft Game Performance

Handling Dinking, Drop Shots, Blocks, and Resets

Despite its emphasis on power and spin, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta also performs well in the soft game, effectively handling dinks, drop shots, blocks, and resets.

Its control feature comes into play here, allowing for precision in executing these soft game shots. Players will find that the paddle offers a good balance between power and finesse, making it suitable for a variety of playing styles.

Transitioning from a Control-Oriented Paddle to Power Air Invikta

For players transitioning from a control-oriented paddle to the Vanguard Power Air Invikta, Selkirk advises a period of 1-2 weeks to adjust to the additional power.

This transition period allows players to familiarize themselves with the paddle’s unique characteristics and optimize their gameplay. With consistent practice and adaptation, players can harness the power of the Vanguard Power Air effectively.

Issues and Solutions

It is important to note that, as with any power paddle, the Vanguard Power Air Invitka may pose some challenges in terms of control, especially for lower-level players.

Beginners and intermediate players may find themselves hitting more pop-ups initially. However, these control issues can be managed and overcome with time and practice. Developing a sense of control and adjusting to the consistent bounce off the face are key steps toward maximizing the paddle’s potential.

Overall Assessment

Suitability for Singles Games

In singles games, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta proves to be a formidable weapon, providing the power and spin required to dominate the game. Its ability to attack opponents and overpower them with superior spin makes it an ideal choice for players looking to elevate their singles gameplay.

Suitability for Doubles Games

In doubles games, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta’s power and control balance can have a significant impact. This paddle allows for aggressive shots and precise placement, whether at the net or in a defensive position. Its versatility in both power plays and soft game shots makes it a valuable asset in doubles matches.

Personal Experiences and Recommendations

vanguard power air invikta

Having personally experienced the Vanguard Power Air Invikta, it offered a unique playing experience. The paddle feel of this paddle does take some getting used to, but you can really see the difference in your game with this paddle’s performance and efficiency. It is worth the adjustment period. I recommend this paddle to intermediate to advanced players seeking a winning combination of power, control, and durability.

I also liked the more elongated shape. It provided good reach. I did notice it had a dead spot at the head of the paddle and the sweet spot wasn’t as large requiring better skill.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of Vanguard Power Air Invikta

  • Unmatched power and spin capability
  • Effortless power with a consistent bounce off the face
  • Excellent balance between power and control
  • Exceptional durability and edgeless design
  • A unique blend of materials for optimal performance

Disadvantages and Limitations

  • It may require a transition period and practice for optimum control
  • The medium-sized sweet spot may pose challenges for lower-level players
  • Firm feel may not be preferred by all players

Ideal Use Cases for Vanguard Power Air

The Vanguard Power Air Invikta is ideal for players who prioritize power and spin in their gameplay. It is particularly suitable for intermediate to advanced players who have developed a sense of control and are looking to elevate their performance.

Final Verdict

Summary of Vanguard Power Air Invikta’s Strengths and Weaknesses

The Vanguard Power Air Invikta stands out as a game-changing paddle for power players. Its exceptional power, control, and durability make it an excellent choice for players seeking to dominate the pickleball court. However, it may require a transition period and practice to fully harness its potential.

Personal Recommendation and User Scenarios

Based on personal experience and user feedback, the Vanguard Power Air Invikta is highly recommended for intermediate to advanced players who value power and spin. It excels in both singles and doubles games, providing the necessary tools to take your gameplay to new heights.

Is Vanguard Power Air Invikta Worth Investing In?

Considering its unique features, exceptional performance, and durability, the Vanguard Power Air is undoubtedly worth investing in for players serious about their pickleball game. Its power and control balance and its longevity make it a reliable and game-changing paddle for power players.

How Does The Vanguard Power Air Invikta Compare with Other Selkirk Paddles?

selkirk paddle comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

The Vanguard Power Air is more suited for intermediate to advanced players who have developed a sense of control.

Selkirk advises 1-2 weeks to adjust to the additional power of the Vanguard Power Air.

How is the VANGUARD paddle different from the AMPED paddle? The VANGUARD uses the new, innovative QuadCarbon technology that was developed by our Selkirks engineers after two years of research and development, and features two layers of carbon fiber on each side, instead of just one.

Power Air is a power paddle with control; the 003 is a power and control paddle. If you want to become a power player and drives are an important part of your game, we recommend the Power Air. If you are a balanced player or a control player looking for more power, the 003 is the paddle to consider.

Determining whether you are a power or control player for pickleball paddles can be based on several factors:

  1. Playing Style: Assess your natural playing style. If you tend to focus on strong shots, aggressive smashes, and hitting the ball with power, you likely lean towards a power player.
  2. Shot Selection: Consider your preferred shot selection during a game. If you often aim for powerful drives, overheads, and fast-paced shots, you may be more inclined towards power-oriented play.
  3. Shot Placement: Evaluate your emphasis on shot accuracy and ball placement. If you prioritize precise shots, strategic ball control, and finesse rather than pure power, you may align more with a control player.
  4. Personal Preference: Reflect on your personal preferences and what feels most comfortable to you on the court. Some players naturally gravitate towards power paddles, while others prefer the enhanced control and touch offered by control-oriented paddles.

Remember that these categorizations are not strict boundaries, and many players possess a blend of power and control elements in their game. It’s essential to try different paddles and experiment to find the one that complements your style and enhances your performance on the court.

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

To improve control with the Vanguard Power Air, focus on consistent practice and adjusting to the paddle’s unique bounce off the face. Developing a strong sense of control takes time, but it can be achieved with dedication.

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