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Head Extreme Elite: Best Features, Pricing & More

Pickleball is a game that’s been gaining immense popularity over the years. With this rise in demand, companies are rolling out paddles that promise top performance, and one such offering is the HEAD Extreme Elite Composite paddle.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into an in-depth review of this paddle, breaking down its materials, construction, user experience, and other key factors to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your game.

Unveiling the Head Extreme Elite Pickleball Paddle

Head Extreme Elite

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The HEAD Extreme Elite Composite Paddle from HEAD is a mid-weight design that offers a comfortable feel and balance as soon as you grip its ergonomic HydroSorb Pro handle.

With an attractive combination of vibrant green and clean black finish, the paddle features a tapered diamond shape that provides a large sweet spot for ample pop and control. But does it live up to its promise? Let’s find out.

What This Review Aims to Achieve

Our goal with this comprehensive review is to give you a clear picture of what the HEAD Extreme Elite brings to the table.

We will evaluate its performance, durability, and value for money and compare it with similar paddles in the market. We want to arm you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Who Can Benefit from this Review

This review is for everyone interested in pickleball, whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player seeking to upgrade your equipment. By exploring the features, benefits, and potential shortcomings of the HEAD Extreme Elite, we hope to help you determine if this paddle is worth considering for your next purchase.

Diving into the Key Features of HEAD Extreme Elite

head extreme elite construction

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Material and Construction: Durability and More

The HEAD Extreme Elite is crafted with a smooth fiberglass paddle face and a tuned tubular core, promising a blend of durability and performance.

It also features a honeycomb polymer core that enhances the paddle’s pop and control, making it valuable to players at different skill levels.

Face Materials

MaterialCharacteristicsCommon Use
Graphite– Very strong and lightweight material
– Provides good balance of power & control
– Very Durable
High-performance paddles
Composite– Often has a rougher texture
– referred to as fiberglass
Favored for spin generation
Carbon fiber– Used for the surface of spin-centric paddles
– High friction properties
Spin-centric paddles;
lighter than graphite
Paddle Material Comparison

Core Materials

MaterialCharacteristicsCommon Use
Polymer– Softest and quietest material
– Excellent power with less noise
Heavier paddles
Nomex– Hard, durable, and powerful material
– Created by dipping a honeycomb framework into a resin
Lightweight paddles
Aluminum– Offers a blend of power and control
– Usually light but less powerful than Nomex
Lightweight paddles
Paddle Core Types

Design: Striking Balance between Power and Control

The design of this paddle is focused on giving players a balance of power, control, and forgiveness. The diamond shape of the paddle not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also aims to maximize the sweet spot, providing ample pop and control for players.

Weight: Impact on Performance

Weighing in at 7.8 ounces, the HEAD Extreme Elite is designed to be more durable than some of its counterparts, like the Extreme Tour. The weight contributes to the paddle’s long and powerful impression when played while still retaining a balanced and comfortable feel.

Weight RangePowerSpinControlAgility
Lightweight (7-7.3 ounces)Best for agility and controlGood for spinGood for touch shotsBeginner
Doubles Play
Midweight (7.3-8.3 ounces)Good balance of power and controlGood for all-around playGood for volleysVersatile
Heavyweight (8.3-10 ounces)Best for powerGood for blockingLess forgiving on mis-hitsSingles
Extra Heavy (10-13 ounces)Maximum powerNot as good for spin or controlVery unforgiving on mis-hitsAdvanced
Paddle Weight Guide

Grip: Comfort and Control

The paddle boasts a 5-inch long medium grip that absorbs shock, adding to the overall comfort while playing. The grip feature is one of its strongest points, ensuring players have maximum control during the game.

Surface Texture: Adding Spin to Your Game

The HEAD Extreme Elite may not have extreme spin technology like some paddles, but it does offer a smooth surface that allows for some spin. While the emphasis is more on technique than texture, the control-oriented polymer core and optimized honeycomb structure ensure superior reach and touch.

User Experience and Game Performance

head extreme elite pickleball player

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Initial Impressions and Setup

From the get-go, the HEAD Extreme Elite makes a bold statement with its vibrant color scheme and prominent HEAD logo. Setting up and starting with this paddle is a breeze, allowing players to jump right into the game.

In-Game Performance

During gameplay, the HEAD Extreme Elite truly shines, providing excellent power, control, stability, and touch. While it does require reasonably clean contact for best results, the payoff is well worth it. However, it might not be as forgiving as some other options for beginners.

Comparing Personal Experiences and Expectations

Comparing it to personal experiences with other paddles, the HEAD Extreme Elite stands out with its mix of control, stability, and power.

It requires a bit of technique on the player’s part, but once you get the hang of it, the paddle can significantly enhance your performance.

Long-Term Use and Durability

The HEAD Extreme Elite is designed to withstand wear and tear, making it a very durable option for long-term use.

The premium edge guard protects the paddle from ground hits and chips. At the same time, the sweat-absorbent and easy-to-clean ergonomic foam grip adds to its lifespan.

Pricing, Value, and Competition

Cost of the HEAD Extreme Elite Paddle

The HEAD Extreme Elite comes at a reasonable price of around $70. Considering its features and performance, it offers good value for money. It is a worthy investment for enthusiasts of the game.

Assessing Value for Money

When assessing the value for money, the HEAD Extreme Elite scores high. Its construction, material quality, and performance justify the price, making it a solid choice for beginners and intermediate players looking for a reliable paddle without breaking the bank.

How It Stacks Up Against Similar Paddles

It holds its own quite well when comparing the HEAD Extreme Elite to other composite paddles in its price range. It provides a unique blend of features that are hard to find in other paddles within the same price bracket, making it a standout choice.

Customer Support and Warranty

Exploring HEAD’s Customer Service

HEAD is known for its excellent customer service, that is to assist with any queries or issues. Their support team is prompt and helpful, ensuring that customers have a smooth experience with their products.

The Warranty and its Terms

The details about the warranty of the HEAD Extreme Elite are best obtained directly from HEAD or the retailer. However, based on standard practices in the industry, customers can expect a fair warranty period that covers manufacturing defects.

User Experiences with Support and Warranty Claims

Most users report positive experiences with HEAD’s customer support team when handling warranty claims and resolving issues. This further adds to the trust in the brand and its products.

Pros and Cons of the Head Extreme Elite

Highlighting the Best Features

The HEAD Extreme Elite offers numerous benefits, including its durability, balanced design, excellent control, and power. The ergonomic grip and optimized tubular core add to its list of advantages, giving you both comfort and performance.

 Discussing Potential Drawbacks

While the HEAD Extreme Elite has many strengths, it has its potential drawbacks. One such issue is that it demands reasonably clean hits to maximize performance. This may be challenging for beginners who are still mastering their technique.

Weighing The Pros and Cons of HEAD Extreme Elite

DurableRequires clean hits to maximize performance
Balanced designMay be challenging for beginners
Excellent control
Ergonomic grip
Optimized tubular core
Overview of Pros and Cons


  • Durability: The HEAD Extreme Elite is made with high-quality materials, including a fiberglass face and a honeycomb core. This makes it very durable and can withstand even the most demanding games.
  • Balanced design: The HEAD Extreme Elite is designed to be well-balanced, which gives players a good mix of power and control. This makes it a great all-around paddle for players of all skill levels.
  • Excellent control: The HEAD Extreme Elite has a large sweet spot, which makes it easy to control the ball. This is great for players who want to develop their touch and feel for the game.
  • Power: The HEAD Extreme Elite also has a good amount of power, which is great for players who want to hit hard winners.
  • Ergonomic grip: The HEAD Extreme Elite has an ergonomic grip that is comfortable to hold and provides a good amount of grip. This is important for preventing hand fatigue during long games.
  • Optimized tubular core: The HEAD Extreme Elite has an optimized tubular core that provides a more responsive feel. This is great for players who want to feel the ball more when they hit it.


  • Requires clean hits to maximize performance: The HEAD Extreme Elite is a performance-oriented paddle that requires clean hits to maximize its performance. This may be challenging for beginners who are still mastering their technique.

Overall, the HEAD Extreme Elite is a great paddle for players of all skill levels. It is durable, well-balanced, and provides a good balance of power and control. However, it may be challenging for beginners who are still mastering their technique.

Alternatives to the HEAD Extreme Elite

Comparable Paddles in the Market

There are several paddles in the market that could be compared with the HEAD Extreme Elite, especially within its price bracket. These include the Gamma Micron, the Vulcan V330, the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro V3, and the Onix Z5. (click to see reviews)

However, each paddle has its unique features and performance attributes, making it essential to choose based on individual preferences and game style.

The following paddles offer excellent performance compared to the HEAD Extreme Elite pickleball paddle.

PaddleBrandCoreFaceWeightGrip SizeLengthWidthPrice
Gamma MicronGammaResponse FoamFiberglass7.4 oz416 in7.8 in$69.99
Vulcan V330SelkirkResponse FoamFiberglass7.4 oz416 in7.8 in$69.99
Paddletek Phoenix G6PaddletekTri-MaxFiberglass7.8 oz416 in7.8 in$69.95
Onix Z5OnixHoneycombFiberglass7.9 oz416 in7.9 in$89.99
Comparable Pickleball Paddles

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Feature and Price Comparison

When comparing the HEAD Extreme Elite to other paddles, one should consider features like material, construction, weight, grip, and performance. The HEAD Extreme Elite offers a competitive set of features for its price, standing strong among its peers.

Recommendations for Different Player Preferences

If you’re a player who values power and control and is okay with mastering your technique to get the most out of your paddle, then the HEAD Extreme Elite could be an excellent choice for you. However, consider other options if you’re a beginner looking for something more forgiving.

Wrapping up the Review

Recap of the Head Extreme Elite’s Strengths and Weaknesses

To sum it up, the HEAD Extreme Elite offers an impressive mix of durability, control, power, and comfort. Its few shortcomings, like the need for clean hits, are minor when weighed against its strengths, making it a solid investment for those serious about their game.

Personal Thoughts and Recommendations

Having reviewed the Extreme Elite in detail, it’s a great choice for both intermediate and advanced players. It offers an elite-level performance at a mid-range price, proving to be a strong contender.

Beginners might find it challenging initially, but with practice, they can also benefit from its features.

Is the Head Extreme Elite Worth Buying?

In conclusion, the HEAD Extreme Elite is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new pickleball paddle.

Its high-performance features, durable construction, and reasonable price offer great value for money and can significantly enhance your game.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Head Extreme Elite

What paddle does Sarah Ansboury use?

Head extreme tour max

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Sarah Ansboury uses the Head Extreme Tour Max pickleball paddle.

What paddle does Tyson McGuffin use?

Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta pickleball paddle

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Tyson McGuffin uses the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta. This is his signature paddle that he has designed with Selkirk.

Tips on Maintenance and Use

It’s important to maintain your paddle well to extend its lifespan. This includes regular cleaning of the grip, avoiding hard impacts, and storing it properly when not in use. As for usage, mastering your technique would help you get the most out of the Extreme Elite.

Latest Updates and Notices from HEAD

For the latest updates and notices from HEAD, it’s best to check their official website or subscribe to their newsletter. This will keep you informed about any new product releases, design changes, or warranty term updates.

And with that, we wrap up our in-depth review of the HEAD Extreme Elite Pickleball Paddle. We hope this review was informative and helpful in guiding your next purchase. Now, let’s hit the court and get the game going!

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