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Best Review FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe

How does the Fila Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe perform? In sports, the role of the proper footwear is everything. The game of pickleball is no different. With its fast-paced nature requiring quick lateral movements and sudden changes in direction, having a shoe that provides optimum comfort, stability, and grip can significantly enhance your performance on the court.

Enter the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe – a game-changer designed to take your pickleball prowess to the next level.

I first saw this shoe while watching Anna Leigh Waters playing a match. It made me curious to see what this shoe had to offer. I have played in Head, Prince, Skechers, and K Swiss shoes. So, I was curious about the Fila Volley Zone.

Why Do You Need a Quality Pickleball Shoe?

fila volley zone shoe

Pickleball, a sport that has taken the world by storm, is a blend of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It demands agility, precision, and quick reflexes, all of which are heavily dependent on the quality of your footwear. 

A good pickleball shoe needs to provide excellent support for lateral movements, help you maintain balance during rapid direction changes, and offer excellent traction for safe and confident play.

It is so important for the shoes to provide enough cushioning to absorb the impacts your feet take during play. This helps reduce the risk of foot and leg injuries.

When I first started playing, I was surprised at how this sport is really about bursts of movement, and I wouldn’t consider it a low-impact sport. It isn’t high, but it is medium to medium-high impact. So your shoes are important, as important as your paddle.

There are many options in pickleball shoes. So let’s take a closer look at the Fila Volley Zone for women.

Unveiling the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe

fila volley zone

FILA, a renowned name in the world of sportswear, has introduced the Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe, specifically engineered for the game of pickleball. This shoe has been designed with reinforced impact/pivot points, a breathable upper, and an energized EVA midsole, among other features, promising improved performance, comfort, and durability.

Who Can Benefit from this Shoe?

Whether you’re an advanced player, a beginner, or even coming up in the Pros, the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe can significantly enhance your game. This shoe is especially great for players who value stability, comfort, and longevity in their pickleball footwear. Moreover, with its stylish designs and beautiful aesthetics, this shoe is a sure winner for those who also want to make a style statement on the court.

Detailed Overview of the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

fila volley zone tie dye shoe

The FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe stands out not just for its impressive features but also for its aesthetic appeal. The shoe comes in a variety of beautiful designs, each one making a sporty yet elegant statement on the court. It’s great to play well, but also neat to look great too. It has a very nice, sleek profile and contrasting color scheme.

Material and Construction

fila volley zone sole
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The construction material of a shoe plays an important role in its performance and durability. This is especially true of the soles. The durability of the sole is key.

The Volley Zone shoe is made from leather, synthetic materials, and textiles. The leather body ensures easy cleaning, while the synthetic upper adds breathability, allowing airflow to keep your feet cool during intense play.

The use of advanced textiles contributes to the shoe’s lightweight design, making it comfortable for prolonged wear.

Size Range and Fit

The FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe is available in women’s sizes 6-11 and 12, providing a wide range for players to choose from. 

However, note that FILA women’s sizing tends to run half a size smaller. Therefore, it is advisable to upsize by half for a good fit. The shoe also boasts a TPU midfoot shank that enhances stability, ensuring a snug and secure fit throughout the game.

What are the Key Features of FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe?

Reinforced Impact/Pivot Points

One of the standout features of the Volley Zone shoe is its reinforced impact/pivot points. These reinforcements provide additional support in high traction areas, resist wear, and provide a stable base for your feet during play. 

This results in less impact on your feet, allowing you to focus more on your movements and positioning. 

One of the things I notice most about a shoe is its lateral stability. When you are making quick moves from side to side or jumping for a ball and coming down, you want a shoe that is stable. That means your ankle doesn’t roll. I have given up on shoes that just didn’t provide a level of stability that made me confident on the court.

Breathable Upper

The Volley Zone shoe has a breathable upper, which is critical in maintaining foot health and comfort during extended periods of play. This feature allows for adequate air circulation, keeping your feet cool and dry and reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort caused by excessive sweating.

Energized EVA Midsole

The shoe features an energized EVA midsole that offers extra cushioning. This ensures superior shock absorption, reducing the strain on your foot and ankle during the game. The midsole is complemented by a removable molded EVA sock liner, adding another layer of cushioning and enhancing overall foot comfort.

Herringbone Rubber Outsole

fila volley zone sole

The Volley Zone shoe has a herringbone rubber outsole for optimum grip and durability. This unique pattern provides excellent traction, facilitating quick and safe directional changes during the game. Plus, it doesn’t leave marks on any court surface, making it suitable for all types of courts.

You should note that this shoe does not come with an outsole warranty. Some shoes, like Prince and Head, come with 6 6-month to a-year warranty on their outsoles if you see visible wear during these periods.

How Does Fila Volley Zone Rate on Comfort and Performance?

Cushioning and Support

The FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe scores high on comfort, thanks to its energized EVA midsole and removable molded EVA sock liner. These features ensure excellent cushioning, reducing the impact on your feet during rigorous play. The shoe’s TPU midfoot shank further enhances stability, providing ample support for your feet.

Traction and Stability

The shoe’s herringbone rubber outsole offers superb traction, enabling swift and safe movements on the court. The reinforced impact/pivot points in the shoe’s design contribute to increased stability, allowing you to maintain balance during rapid direction changes.

Durability and Longevity

Made from a combination of leather, synthetic materials, and textiles, the FILA Volley Zone promises durability. These materials ensure the shoe can withstand the intensity of pickleball play. Plus, the reinforced impact/pivot points resist wear, which increases the time it takes to wear them out.

Is The Fila Volley Zone Good Value for Money?

What is the Cost of the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe?

The cost of the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoes varies based on the size and design chosen. However, considering all of its features and technology – from enhanced comfort and stability to impressive durability – the shoe provides excellent value for money.

Comparing Price to Other Pickleball Shoes

When compared to other similar pickleball shoes on the market, the FILA Volley Zone stands out for its affordability. Despite offering premium features, it is priced reasonably, making it accessible to players of all levels.

Is the FILA Volley Zone Worth the Investment?

Given its solid features, stylish design, and affordable pricing, investing in the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe is worth giving a try. Whether you are a professional player seeking to improve your game or a beginner looking for comfort and stability, this shoe is an excellent choice.

User Reviews and Feedback

At SportyEscapade, we have looked at thousands of reviews and summarized this feedback below.

Positive Feedback from Users

The FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe has received positive feedback from users. Many have lauded its comfortable fit, superior cushioning, and excellent traction. The shoe’s stylish design is also a hit among players who want to look good while playing their best.

Negative Feedback and Concerns

While the majority of the feedback about the FILA Volley Zone has been positive, the number one issue that users have expressed concerns about is sizing. As mentioned earlier, FILA women’s sizes tend to run half a size smaller, which has led to some initial fitting issues. So, it’s important to size up to get a good fit.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Customers seem highly satisfied with the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe. Its blend of comfort, performance-enhancing features, durability, affordability, and stylish aesthetics has made it a favorite amongst pickleball players.

Pros and Cons

What are the Advantages of the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe?

The FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe offers many advantages that make your pickleball playing a better experience. These include:

Reinforced impact/pivot points for increased stability and wear resistance.

Breathable upper for optimum foot health and comfort.

Energized EVA midsole and removable molded EVA sock liner for superior cushioning and shock absorption.

Herringbone rubber outsole for excellent traction and grip.

A variety of beautiful designs for added aesthetic appeal.

What are Potential Drawbacks and Limitations?

Despite its many advantages, the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe has a few potential drawbacks:

The shoe’s sizing runs half a size smaller, which may require an adjustment period for some users.

The shoe is designed for women, limiting options for male players.

What are the Ideal Scenarios for Using the FILA Volley Zone?

The FILA Volley Zone Women’s All-Court Shoe is ideal for all players, whether you play once or twice a week or every day. You will notice the difference these shoes can make whether you are practicing for a competition or playing a friendly match at your local community center. This shoe provides the comfort, stability, and traction you need to perform your best. Plus, its stylish design ensures you’ll look great while doing so!

Alternatives to the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe

What are the Top Competitors in the Pickleball Shoe Market?

While the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe is an excellent choice for any pickleball player, several other brands offer competitive alternatives. These include the Babolat Jet Mach 3 All Court Shoe, K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoe, Tyrol Drive V Court Shoe, New Balance Women’s 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe, and the ASICS Women’s Gel-Challenger 13 Tennis Shoes. Each of these shoes offers unique features that cater to different player needs.

How Do the Features and Pricing Compare?

FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court ShoeFILAPlush foamEVA midsoleNon-marking rubber outsole$100
Babolat Jet Mach 3 All Court ShoeBabolatAEROFOAM midsoleTPU StabilizerMichelin Performance Outsole$90
K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball ShoeK-SwissOrthoLite socklinerCloudfoam midsoleNon-marking rubber outsole$100
Tyrol Drive V Court ShoeTyrolEVA midsolePU FootbedNon-marking rubber outsole$150
New Balance Women’s 1006 V1 Tennis ShoeNew BalanceFresh Foam midsoleFantomFit Support SystemDurable Rubber Outsole$119
ASICS Women’s Gel-Challenger 13 Tennis ShoesASICSGEL cushioningTrusstic SystemAsicsGrip Outsole$100
Comparison of Features and Pricing

As you can see, each shoe has its own unique features and benefits. The FILA Volley Zone is a good all-around shoe that offers good cushioning, support, and traction.

The Babolat Jet Mach 3 is a more performance-oriented shoe that offers lightweight cushioning and a responsive midsole. It focus is speed and agility.

The K-Swiss Express Light is a budget-friendly option that still provides good comfort and support. It emphasizes comfort and lightness.

The Tyrol Drive V is a durable shoe that is good for players who play on hard courts. They offer excellent durability.

The New Balance 1006 V1 is a versatile shoe that can be used for both pickleball and tennis. It also offers excellent durability.

The ASICS Gel-Challenger 13 is a high-end shoe that offers superior cushioning and support.

Recommendations Based on Different Player Needs

If speed and agility are your top priorities, the Babolat Jet Mach 3 or the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 might suit you better. If comfort and lightness are what you seek, consider the K-Swiss Express Light.

If durability tops your list, the New Balance 1006 V1 or Tyrol Drive V could be your best bet. However, if you’re looking for a shoe that offers a balanced mix of all these features without breaking the bank, the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All-Court Shoe is a fantastic option to consider.

Final Thoughts

Recap of the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe Review

The FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe is a high-performance pickleball shoe designed to boost your game. It offers many impressive features, such as reinforced impact/pivot points, a breathable upper, an energized EVA midsole, and a herringbone rubber outsole. Not only does it stand out for its performance-enhancing features, but its stylish designs make it a fashion statement on the court.

Personal Recommendations and Considerations

While the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe is a great choice for any pickleball player, it’s important to remember that the right shoe for you depends on your individual needs, playing style, and personal preferences. Consider factors such as comfort, support, traction, durability, and price before making your decision.

While testing this now, I find this shoe to be very lightweight, which feels great on the court when you are moving around and provides excellent lateral stability. The overall cushioning is excellent. I haven’t found anything in the cushioning department that feels like the Skechers.  

So, if you have arthritis or joint issues and need a shoe that can absorb a lot of impact, Skechers might be a better choice. This, however, is an excellent all-around shoe for play, and it is tournament-proven via Anna Leigh Waters as her shoe of choice.

Is the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe Right for You?

If you’re looking for a shoe that offers a combination of comfort, performance, durability, and style, the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe could be just what you need. Remember, though, that it is subjective, and it’s always a good idea to try on shoes and assess your comfort and sizing before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear regular sneakers for pickleball?

We do not recommend wearing regular sneakers for pickleball play. Pickleball requires quick lateral movements that require a shoe to have lateral stability. Most regular sneakers are made for a back-to-front motion, not a side-to-side motion. 

What shoe does Anna Leigh Waters Wear?

Anna Leigh Waters wears the Fila Volley Zone All Court pickleball shoe.

Is there a difference between tennis court shoes and pickleball shoes?

The short answer is yes, you can. The gameplay is very similar. We recommend you choose a hard court shoe vs. a clay court shoe. Prince, Head, and Adidas all make excellent tennis shoes that you can use to play pickleball.

What sizes are available for the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court shoe?

The shoe is available in women’s sizes 6-11 and 12. It is recommended to upsize by half due to FILA women’s sizing running half a size smaller.

Is the shoe suitable for wide feet?

The FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe has a standard width. If you have wide feet, you may want to consider trying on the shoe to ensure a comfortable fit.

Tips for Maintenance and Long-Term Care

To ensure the longevity of your FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe, follow these maintenance tips:

Regularly wipe clean the leather/synthetic upper to remove dirt and debris.

Avoid wearing the shoes in wet or muddy conditions. This can damage the materials.

Store the shoes in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Latest Updates and Information

For the latest updates and information on the FILA Volley Zone Women’s All Court Shoe, visit the official FILA

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